Tattoo Digit 3/8in Set LP 0-9 Econ
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Tattoo Digit 3/8in Set LP 0-9 Econ
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220770Bandage Cohesive Farmhand 5cm Red EA  ($2.95)

220753Bandage Cohesive Farmhand 7.5cm Black EA  ($3.45)

220760Bandage Cohesive Farmhand 7.5cm Blue EA  ($3.45)

220761Bandage Cohesive Farmhand 7.5cm Green EA  ($3.45)

220762Bandage Cohesive Farmhand 7.5cm Orange EA  ($3.45)

220763Bandage Cohesive Farmhand 7.5cm Pink EA  ($3.45)

220764Bandage Cohesive Farmhand 7.5cm Red EA  ($3.45)

220766Bandage Farmhand Cohesive 5cm Blue EA  ($2.95)

200838Book Chewing the Cud EA  ($22.95)

200839Book Country Dance EA  ($22.95)

200842Book Dont Laugh Till He´s Out Of Sight EA  ($22.95)

214658Book Little Bit ´O Nonsense About Sheep EA  ($19.95)

222079Brood Egg Rubber Brown each EA  ($5.95)
10P ($3.15)

222078Brood Egg Rubber White each EA  ($5.95)
10P ($3.15)

220697Castration Cradle Piglet Mount only EA  ($99.95)

218079Cattle Brush/Oiler Brush 2-hole EA  ($155.00)

222487Cattle Brush/Oiler Brush 5-hole EA  ($165.00)

217610Chin Ball Mating Harness cpt EA  ($199.00)

222368Clipper Aesc Bonum Torque Key EA  ($155.00)

222080Cool Cow Mister Service Kit EA  ($49.95)

222233Cow Lifter Belly Strap 2.4m EA  ($79.95)

222182Cup Removers Cord 3.6mm x 100m EA  ($239.00)

201708Debudder LPG Farmhand 18mm tip only EA  ($49.95)

201714Debudder LPG Farmhand Jet only EA  ($29.95)

221811Debudder LPG Farmhand QCC & Hose cpt (P)EA  ($69.95)

222491Dehorner Fhand Yearling Handle 36cm onlyEA  ($24.95)

201822Dehorner James Scully Convex Small Blade (P)EA  ($110.00)

220827Disinfection Mat Vehicle 3mx3m (2 parts)EA  ($1,750.00)

222486Disinfection Mat-In-A-Box Rpl´t Mat onlyEA  ($39.95)

221458Dog Collar Kerbl Miami Size-2 Blue EA  ($6.95)

222609Drench Container Aussie Outlet 6.4/9.5mmEA  ($9.95)

221510Drum Pump Farmhand Valve Assembly (P)EA  ($11.50)

221471Drum Pump FH Safety Clip Set 1 (BGR) EA  ($17.95)

221472Drum Pump FH Safety Clip Set 2 (OPY) EA  ($17.95)

214661DVD Footcare In Cattle EA  ($59.95)

207081DVD Poultry at Home EA  ($79.00)

220476Ear Marker Baby Pig Economy EA  ($59.95)

218521Farmhand Alka Pipe LDPE 45mm x 200m EA  ($995.00)

222194Farrier Apron Canvas Rekhi EA  ($159.95)

222193Farrier Apron Leather Rekhi EA  ($189.95)

209754Gloves Exam Krutex Protector Econ 50-pk EA  ($49.95)

221571Goat Collar Nylon Doe Pink EA  ($16.95)

221569Goat Collar Nylon Kid Pink EA  ($12.95)

219418Grooming Ballistol Oil 100ml EA  ($13.95)

219419Grooming Ballistol Oil 500ml EA  ($39.95)

220309Grooming Comb T 9in Nat Handle Econ EA  ($39.95)

203526Hand Shears Sharpener Repl´ Stones pr EA  ($11.95)

221477Hoof Block Hardwood 12-pack EA  ($42.95)

221476Hoof Block Hardwood 8-pack EA  ($29.95)

222245Hoof Block Wedge Hardwood 10pack EA  ($39.95)

211573Hoof Cutter Electric Disc Sander 120gr EA  ($22.95)

211577Hoof Cutting Chain Disc 3.5" chain only (P)EA  ($159.00)

222192Hoof Knife Farrier Pony Rekhi EA  ($19.95)

221492Hoof Knife Wrist Guard Small EA  ($44.95)

222187Hoof Nail Clinch Curved Jaw Rekhi 36cm EA  ($114.95)

222188Hoof Nail Clinch Straight Jaw Rekhi 33cmEA  ($79.95)

203621Hoof Rasp Concave Short EA  ($27.95)

214478Hoof Rasp Ridersrasp Blades only (pr) (IEA  ($55.00)

222191Hoof Test Pliers Farrier Rekhi 33cm EA  ($99.95)

222184Hoof Trimmer Single Action Rekhi 31cm EA  ($114.95)

222185Hoof Trimmer Single Action Rekhi 36cm EA  ($124.95)

222186Hoof Trimmer Single Action Rekhi 39cm EA  ($135.00)

222183Hoof Trimmer Single Action w Spring 25cmEA  ($112.00)

222055Irripod Sprinkler Naan 1/2" 2.8mm EA  ($22.35)

222056Irripod Sprinkler Naan 1/2" 3.0mm EA  ($22.35)

222057Irripod Sprinkler Naan 1/2" 4.0mm EA  ($22.35)

222058Irripod Sprinkler Naan 3/4" 4.0mm EA  ($31.65)

222059Irripod Sprinkler Naan 3/4" 4.0mm P/CircEA  ($39.95)

221914Irripod Tap Sad Kit 32-40mm LD U-Bolt EA  ($44.95)

221917Irripod Tap Sad Kit 40-45mm LD U-Bolt EA  ($44.95)

221926Irripod Tow Ball Yellow EA  ($24.75)

221925Irripod Tow Rope 2 Meter Spliced Ends EA  ($18.95)

221915Irripod TST 32mm LD High Riser 15FBSP EA  ($9.95)

221916Irripod TST 40mm LD High Riser 15FBSP EA  ($9.95)

221920Irripod TST 40mm LD Low Riser 20MBSP EA  ($15.75)

221918Irripod TST 45mm LD High Riser 15FBSP EA  ($9.95)

221919Irripod TST 45mm LD Low Riser 20MBSP EA  ($15.75)

221913Irripod White Cover Black Base EA  ($71.95)

204215Lamb Reviver Roslam Feed Tube only EA  ($0.00)

207512Leg Bands Dump Milk 10-pack EA  ($9.95)

207511Leg Bands Dump Milk 100-pack EA  ($49.95)

204307Leg Splint Disposable Medium EA  ($0.00)

204308Leg Splint Disposable Small EA  ($0.00)

221120LPG Adaptor POL to QCC EA  ($27.95)

211537Mastitis Test Super Paddle Black EA  ($10.95)

221159Milking Sleeve Urethane Pair EA  ($24.95)

221493Navel Dip Cup 200ml EA  ($14.95)

219167No Fight Spray Kerbl 400ml EA  ($22.95)

201605Pallet Hook (P)EA  ($24.95)

204992Pasteuriser Safgard 7.5L 220v (I) EA  ($2,095.00)

219309Pest Deterrent Wildstop Concentrate 1L EA  ($0.00)

218527Pet Bowl Ceramic Non-Splash 17cm/1000ml EA  ($9.95)

218981Pet Travel Capsule Green EA  ($82.95)

219434Pig Sorting Board Red 126cm x 76cm EA  ($129.00)

219432Pig Sorting Board Red 94cm x 76cm EA  ($109.00)

205040Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit 1Z EA  ($22.95)

205043Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit 4Z EA  ($22.95)

205046Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit 7Z EA  ($22.95)

205047Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit 8Z EA  ($22.95)

205052Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit DZ EA  ($22.95)

205053Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit EZ EA  ($22.95)

205058Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit IZ EA  ($22.95)

205063Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit NZ EA  ($22.95)

205066Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit QZ EA  ($22.95)

205069Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit TZ EA  ($22.95)

205070Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit UZ EA  ($22.95)

205074Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit YZ EA  ($22.95)

205075Pig Striker BVI 3/4in digit ZZ EA  ($22.95)

220690Pipe Saddle 1/8" for 15mm pipe 10pack EA  ($6.95)

220689Pipe Saddle 1/8" for 20mm pipe 10pack EA  ($6.95)

217626Pithing Rod Stainless Steel each EA  ($39.95)

222082Plucking Machine EA  ($1,449.00)

222084Plucking Machine Finger only EA  ($4.95)

222180Poultry Chick Warmer Triangle 30cm w RegEA  ($119.95)

222181Poultry Chick Warmer Triangle 40cm w RegEA  ($149.95)

219319Poultry Drinker Bucket 18L Leg Set only (P)EA  ($11.95)

220376Poultry Drinker Chic´a Eco-Easy 12L EA  ($115.00)

220375Poultry Drinker Chic´a Eco-Easy 6L EA  ($85.95)

220372Poultry Drinker Chic´a Ecologique 1.5L EA  ($17.95)

220373Poultry Drinker Chic´a Ecologique 3.5L EA  ($25.95)

220374Poultry Drinker Chic´a Ecologique 5.5L EA  ($35.95)

219559Poultry Drinker Crown Easy-Fill Lid onlyEA  ($7.95)

219392Poultry Drinker Little Giant Line-fill EA  ($109.00)

219530Poultry Drinker Little Giant Spares KitZ (P)EA  ($9.95)

221438Poultry Drinker Siphon Tankstand 20ltr EA  ($109.00)

221439Poultry Drinker Siphon Tankstand 30ltr EA  ($119.00)

221440Poultry Drinker Siphon Tankstand 40ltr EA  ($129.95)

222077Poultry Drinker Tankst Zinc Outlet Only (P)EA  ($15.95)

220368Poultry Feeder Chic´a Ecologique 1kg EA  ($19.95)

220369Poultry Feeder Chic´a Ecologique 2.5kg EA  ($29.95)

220370Poultry Feeder Chic´a Ecologique 4kg EA  ($39.95)

221435Poultry Feeder Tankstand Hopper 20kg EA  ($119.00)

221436Poultry Feeder Tankstand Hopper 30kg EA  ($129.95)

221437Poultry Feeder Tankstand Hopper 40kg EA  ($139.95)

222081Poultry Nesting Box Cozy Nest EA  ($49.95)

210479Prodder DuraProd Recharge Handle only EA  ($429.00)

221533Prodder Farmhand Red Recharg 31cm cpt EA  ($155.00)

221532Prodder Farmhand Yellow Battery 31cm cptEA  ($92.95)

221535Prodder Farmhand Yellow Handle bare EA  ($69.95)

219558Rabbit Feeder Bowl Crown 200ml cpt EA  ($14.95)

222531Rain Gauge Digital Wireless DROP EA  ($109.95)

217570Roadmat Cow Crossing Std 8m x 5.2m EA  ($2,295.00)

220108Rumen Drenching System 600ml Pump only EA  ($545.00)

221731Rumen Drenching System Bovivet cpt EA  ($945.00)

210450Rumen Drenching System Bovivet Hose AssyEA  ($455.00)

210451Rumen Drenching System Bovivet Pump onlyEA  ($545.00)

220088Rumen Drenching System Farmhand cpt(2pc)EA  ($798.00)

220452Rumen Drenching System Farmhand Hose Ass (P)EA  ($299.00)

222901Scalpel Plastic Disp Kiato Size 10 10pk EA  ($13.95)

222902Scalpel Plastic Disp Kiato Size 22 10pk EA  ($13.95)

219612Scalpel Plastic disposable Size 22 10pk EA  ($13.95)

219320Scratching Brush Pig/Calf cpt EA  ($299.00)

219321Scratching Brush Pig/Calf ReplBrush onlyEA  ($49.95)

221420Sheep Netting Topline Plus 108cm x 50m EA  ($309.00)

221419Sheep Netting Topline Plus 90cm x 50m EA  ($279.00)

211828Shepherds Crook Hook only (P)EA  ($14.95)

222189Shoe Puller Round Head Rekhi 36cm EA  ($124.95)

222190Shoe Puller Standard Head Rekhi 36cm EA  ($124.95)

221499Shoofly Horse Legging Large Blue 4-pk EA  ($169.00)

221497Shoofly Horse Legging Large Orange 4-pk EA  ($169.00)

221501Shoofly Horse Legging Medium Blue 4-pk EA  ($169.00)

221500Shoofly Horse Legging Medium Orange 4-pkEA  ($169.00)

221505Shoofly Horse Legging Mini Blue 4-pk EA  ($149.00)

221504Shoofly Horse Legging Mini Orange 4-pk EA  ($149.00)

221503Shoofly Horse Legging Small Blue 4-pk EA  ($169.00)

221502Shoofly Horse Legging Small Orange 4-pk EA  ($169.00)

217296Spreader Vink Lime Drill-Powered EA  ($369.00)

216015Spreader Vink Sawdust Drill-Powered EA  ($255.00)

212024Stableizer Equine Restraint Large (Red) EA  ($129.00)

209258Stockstill Mouth Electrodes & Leads Set (P)EA  ($82.95)

209257Stockstill Needle Electrodes & Leads Set (P)EA  ($49.95)

209256Stockstill Needle SS each (P)EA  ($10.95)

218278Syringe BD 30ml L/Lock 60-pack EA  ($115.00)

218279Syringe BD 60ml L/Lock 60-pack EA  ($149.00)

219548Syringe Topdoc 1ml 100pkX EA  ($13.95)

219552Syringe Topdoc 2ml 100pkX EA  ($12.95)

221967Tail Trimmer Tailwell Titanium cpt EA  ($655.00)

215321Tailwell Rotator Bearing Block x 2 (P)EA  ($30.00)

221970Tailwell Titanium Cutter Set only EA  ($349.00)

206432Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P AZ EA  ($15.95)

206434Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P CZ EA  ($15.95)

206439Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P HZ EA  ($15.95)

206440Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P IZ EA  ($15.95)

206443Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P LZ EA  ($15.95)

206446Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P No 0Z EA  ($15.95)

206448Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P No 2Z EA  ($15.95)

206449Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P No 3Z EA  ($15.95)

206450Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P No 4Z EA  ($15.95)

206451Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P No 5Z EA  ($15.95)

206453Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P No 7Z EA  ($15.95)

206455Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P No 9Z EA  ($15.95)

206456Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P OZ EA  ($15.95)

206458Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P QZ EA  ($15.95)

206459Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P RZ EA  ($15.95)

206461Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P TZ EA  ($15.95)

206462Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P UZ EA  ($15.95)

206463Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P VZ EA  ($15.95)

206464Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P WZ EA  ($15.95)

206465Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P XZ EA  ($15.95)

206466Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P YZ EA  ($15.95)

206467Tattoo Digit 3/8in L/P ZZ EA  ($15.95)

206468Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P AZ EA  ($15.95)

206471Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P DZ EA  ($15.95)

206472Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P EZ EA  ($15.95)

206473Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P FZ EA  ($15.95)

206474Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P GZ EA  ($15.95)

206475Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P HZ EA  ($15.95)

206476Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P IZ EA  ($15.95)

206479Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P LZ EA  ($15.95)

206490Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P No 8Z EA  ($15.95)

206491Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P No 9Z EA  ($15.95)

206496Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P SZ EA  ($15.95)

206498Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P UZ EA  ($15.95)

206499Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P VZ EA  ($15.95)

206500Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P WZ EA  ($15.95)

206501Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P XZ EA  ($15.95)

206502Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P YZ EA  ($15.95)

206503Tattoo Digit 3/8in S/P ZZ EA  ($15.95)

220057Tattoo Digit 3/8in Set LP 0-9 Econ EA  ($19.95)

220056Tattoo Digit 3/8in Set LP A-Z Econ EA  ($39.95)

206506Tattoo Digit 5/8in AZ EA  ($15.95)

206508Tattoo Digit 5/8in CZ EA  ($15.95)

206510Tattoo Digit 5/8in EZ EA  ($15.95)

206511Tattoo Digit 5/8in FZ EA  ($15.95)

206512Tattoo Digit 5/8in GZ EA  ($15.95)

206515Tattoo Digit 5/8in JZ EA  ($15.95)

206516Tattoo Digit 5/8in KZ EA  ($15.95)

206518Tattoo Digit 5/8in MZ EA  ($15.95)

206520Tattoo Digit 5/8in No 0Z EA  ($15.95)

206523Tattoo Digit 5/8in No 3Z EA  ($15.95)

206524Tattoo Digit 5/8in No 4Z EA  ($15.95)

206525Tattoo Digit 5/8in No 5Z EA  ($15.95)

206527Tattoo Digit 5/8in No 7Z EA  ($15.95)

206529Tattoo Digit 5/8in No 9Z EA  ($15.95)

206530Tattoo Digit 5/8in OZ EA  ($15.95)

206536Tattoo Digit 5/8in UZ EA  ($15.95)

206540Tattoo Digit 5/8in YZ EA  ($15.95)

206546Tattoo Digit Moulded AZ EA  ($14.95)

206547Tattoo Digit Moulded BZ EA  ($14.95)

206548Tattoo Digit Moulded CZ EA  ($14.95)

206549Tattoo Digit Moulded DZ EA  ($14.95)

206550Tattoo Digit Moulded EZ EA  ($14.95)

206551Tattoo Digit Moulded FZ EA  ($14.95)

206552Tattoo Digit Moulded GZ EA  ($14.95)

206554Tattoo Digit Moulded IZ EA  ($14.95)

206556Tattoo Digit Moulded KZ EA  ($14.95)

206557Tattoo Digit Moulded LZ EA  ($14.95)

206558Tattoo Digit Moulded MZ EA  ($14.95)

206565Tattoo Digit Moulded No 5Z EA  ($14.95)

206567Tattoo Digit Moulded No 7Z EA  ($14.95)

206568Tattoo Digit Moulded No 8Z EA  ($14.95)

206573Tattoo Digit Moulded RZ EA  ($14.95)

206574Tattoo Digit Moulded SZ EA  ($14.95)

206580Tattoo Digit Moulded YZ EA  ($14.95)

206591Tattoo Fibre Block 5/8 4-plcZ EA  ($25.00)

219798Teat Cleaning Brush 20cm x 13mm EA  ($6.95)

221746Teat Lamb Excal Bare 300-pk EA  ($330.00)

221377Thermometer Digital Long Probe WaterprooEA  ($99.95)

221348Tie Out Cable with Spring 4m EA  ($14.95)

217471Tubbease Velcro Strap only each EA  ($5.95)

217487Vet Belt Bag EA  ($0.00)

219364Water Bowl Coupling Hose Assembly EA  ($55.00)

219362Water Bowl Coupling Hose only EA  ($55.00)

219002Water Bowl Crown Rabbit 400ml Open EA  ($2.55)

219011Water Bowl Crown Small Bird w/cover 3pl EA  ($4.95)

221470Water Bowl Float Assy High P Seal 4pack EA  ($5.95)

207157Water Nipple Fattener 15/20 O-ring only EA  ($1.45)

207156Water Nipple Fattener Disc & Screen Assy (P)EA  ($2.95)

220691Water Nipple Rabbit/Poultry Plastic 10pkEA  ($17.50)

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