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Pet Bowl Stainless Set & Stand Small cpt
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High quality stainless steel bowls ideal for feeding the pet, or lots of
other uses. Good thing about these ones is that (the smaller ones
anyway) will go in the dishwasher. And they are all easy to pick up,
handle, and clean. The 'double sets' are supplied complete with a
stainless steel stand (which will also go in the dishwasher). The
dimension is the clear internal diameter at top of bowl.
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Stainless Steel

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205001Pet Bowl Stainless 12cm/450ml EA  ($3.95)

205002Pet Bowl Stainless 15cm/900ml EA  ($5.95)

205003Pet Bowl Stainless 19cm/1.8L EA  ($7.95)

205004Pet Bowl Stainless 22cm/2.8L EA  ($9.95)

205005Pet Bowl Stainless 26cm/4L EA  ($11.95)

220737Pet Bowl Stainless Assorted Colour 200mlEA  ($6.95)

220738Pet Bowl Stainless Assorted Colour 450mlEA  ($9.95)

220739Pet Bowl Stainless Assorted Colour 900mlEA  ($14.95)

213080Pet Bowl Stainless Duo EA  ($21.95)

205006Pet Bowl Stainless Non-tip 14cm/450ml EA  ($7.95)

205007Pet Bowl Stainless Non-tip 16cm/700ml EA  ($9.95)

205008Pet Bowl Stainless Non-tip 17cm/900ml EA  ($11.95)

205009Pet Bowl Stainless Non-tip 21cm/1.8L EA  ($13.95)

205010Pet Bowl Stainless Set & Stand Large cptEA  ($14.95)

205011Pet Bowl Stainless Set & Stand Small cptEA  ($10.95)

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