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215404Crease Nail Puller Nordic 12"/32cm EA  ($249.00)

217630Crease Nail Puller Standard EA  ($115.00)

222194Farrier Apron Canvas Rekhi EA  ($169.00)

222193Farrier Apron Leather Rekhi EA  ($199.00)

202829Farrier Hammer Driving 10oz Nordic EA  ($99.95)

210542Farrier Hammer Driving Economy EA  ($42.95)

202830Farrier Hammer Rounding 2lb Nordic EA  ($115.00)

222187Hoof Nail Clinch Curved Jaw Rekhi 36cm EA  ($125.00)

203601Hoof Nail Clinch Cutter Economy EA  ($19.95)

203602Hoof Nail Clinch Cutter Nordic EA  ($55.95)

203603Hoof Nail Clinch Economy EA  ($46.95)

203604Hoof Nail Clinch Nordic 13"/34cm EA  ($159.00)

222188Hoof Nail Clinch Straight Jaw Rekhi 33cmEA  ($89.95)

203605Hoof Nail Cutter Quality Nordic EA  ($109.00)

203606Hoof Nail Plier & Pincer Economy EA  ($79.95)

203607Hoof Pick and Brush Combination EA  ($11.95)

203608Hoof Pick Nickel-plated (red handle) EA  ($5.95)

203609Hoof Pick Stainless(blue handle) EA  ($6.95)

203621Hoof Rasp Concave Short EA  ($27.95)

214478Hoof Rasp Ridersrasp Blades only (pr)* EA  ($55.00)

215407Horseshoe Puller/Spreader Nord 12"/31cm EA  ($259.00)

210540Scissors Fetlock 20cm EA  ($12.95)

222189Shoe Puller Round Head Rekhi 36cm EA  ($139.00)

222190Shoe Puller Standard Head Rekhi 36cm EA  ($139.00)

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